Quality Management 


Quality Management Policy

Quality is the Heart of Creativity; the Aorta of Continuity

SURF Worldwide   commitment to Quality is indispensable to all we do.


SURF Worldwide    main goal is to provide its customers the Top-Quality Product & Professional Services ensuring utmost performance consistency, safety and value. This commitment is solid & firm in our corporate values and essential to our continued growth and success. We aim to meet our comprehensive" SURF Worldwide   Quality Standards" in: Planning, Reviewing, Evaluation, Marketing, and Implementation of all Products & Services; which shall meet or exceed the applicable International Standards Requirements and Customer Expectations Worldwide. In addition, we shall maintain these high-quality standards valid as we Plan, Review, Evaluate, Market, and Implement of our products & services by the most efficient means possible in order to ensure they are affordable to all customers.  


In Brief, SURF Worldwide   is committed to:

  • Provide Top Quality Products & Professional Services at affordable prices,

  • Comply with applicable International Standards to all products & Services,

  • Maintain the Product & Services Consistency in performance,

  • Ensure the Market Responsiveness by implementing our "Global Quality Standards".

Quality Management Manual

SURF Worldwide   has an updated and live Quality Manual in place which sets the Quality Standards and Performance Keys to apply in everyday work as well as the services and supplies to our end users and customers.

You may contact us to get the latest updated version of SURF Worldwide   Quality Manual.

SURF Worldwide is accredited the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)